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Mediterien Deep is a U.S. based brand who imports textile products made of Turkish Towel fabric produced in Turkey. This marvellous artefact that represents centuries-old Turkish culture and identity is our inspiration. It has become our ambition to introduce the Turkish Towel and Turkish Towel fabric-based fashion items to the world. The convenience, comfort and freedom offered, both in traditional and modern forms, makes this a superior product. We work with the best loom workshops of Turkey, often run by families that passed their artistic skills down from one generation to the next. We pay extreme attention to authenticity and quality of manufacture.

At Mediterien Deep, we believe the coveted Turkish Towel is beyond a mere textile product. It is a cultural artifact that reflects centuries-old artistic, familial, and communal traditions and craftsmanship. It transcends time and space in the sense that it is traditional but also constantly reinvigorated, and remains in use in its homeland while also taking on the rest of the world. There is beauty, elegance, and fine manufacturing in the Turkish Towel but also superior design, innovation and fashion which is why we are passionate about this marvellous product and want to share it with you.  After 15 years of corporate life, we have founded Mediterien Deep as a women’s initiative and have chosen the hard way. We've taken long journeys to seek only for the best materials, design and craftsmanship to deliver you the finest products of Turkey, which we hope you’ll enjoy. And of course, thanks to our talented designers and weavers!



Not only a cleansing method but also a relaxing, almost therapeutic process, the hammam (Turkish bath) is an ancient tradition that withstands the test of time. Going to a public bath still remains a common practice for many Turks who enjoy a deep, full-body cleansing in a charming atmosphere where the social aspect is also key to the overall experience. Turks built the hammam concept on the Roman bath but improved and elegantly adapted it to their needs. From the 18th Century onwards, visitors from the West met the Hammam culture with open arms. 

Maxime Du Camp, the famed French writer who once travelled to Istanbul in 1844, later wrote “...seul les Turcs savent se baigner” in his memoirs: Only Turks know how to bathe.  A highly exaggerated claim, indeed, but there’s no doubt that Du Camp was very impressed by his experience in the Ottoman Empire’s best hammams, where he felt himself invaded by a feeling of endless well-being everytime he bathed. He was also careful enough to notice the blue and white cotton fabric that the tellaks, (the attendants) were wrapping his body with and the 'soft, (almost) floating fabric' he was covered in while resting after the bath. What Du Camp was admiring like many other foreign guests, was in fact the peshtemalthe original Turkish Towel - one of the most unique pieces of textile.

The peshtemal existed long before the first bath towels came into existence. Made of pure Turkish cotton, it is soft, light and highly absorbent while - unlike the standart towel - it takes up much less space and dries quickly. A good peshtemal is always handmade, thus every piece is unique even when produced by the same weaver, in the same loom. Its possible uses are not confined to Turkish baths or our bathrooms. The peshtemal is perfect for use on the beach, at the pool, or in sports facilities, spas, health centers and hotels. Beyond just a towel, it can be used as a sarong or beach cover-up, can be worn as a scarf, or to cover delicate shoulders as a shawl. It can even bring a perfect decorative touch to your house as a throw. 



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