About Mediterien Deep

Qu'est-ce que la Méditerranée?” asks Fernand Braudel. What is the Mediterranean? A thousand things at the same time, he replies. Not a single landscape but innumerable landscapes; not one sea, but a succession of seas, not one civilization, but civilizations amassed on top of one another… At Mediterien Deep, we are fond of this description that reflects well the essence of a very particular area of the World, where different cultures, beliefs, and traditions coexist and mix for thousands of years, giving birth to the Mediterranean way.

The Mediterranean is about coming into contact with one another very diverse cultures, in diverse environments. It is about the geography that surrounds the turquoise water; about the cities and peoples of its shores and islands. The Mediterranean is also about the abundance of colors, sounds, and smells; about variety and freshness, health and well- being, love, and joy under the planet’s warmest sun.

Originated from this world, Mediterien Deep’s commitment is to give you well-deserved moments of your own… Like a moment to let go after the comforting heat of your bathtub, a moment of rejuvenation on your favorite sofa… or a moment of tranquility on a beach, where the voice of the sea speaks to your soul. Any moment you want to escape the daily routine, we will be there to add a soft, gentle touch to your dreams with our exquisite Turkish towels, throws, blankets, and home accessories, along with the Mediterranean lifestyle…