About Founders

About Founders

Our story has begun in a small town in the Mediterranean, Turkey, where we realized the potential of the Turkish artisanal textile tradition that can be traced back to many centuries ago. In this region, families still produce the finest cotton fabrics to become beautiful towels and chic homewares that are woven, dyed and sewn in traditionally inspired feminine patterns. In this heritage, the hand-woven fabric is an eminent artform, with diverse variations. 

When we founded Mediterien Deep,  we wanted to take this authentic tradition into the next level by combining traditional textile techniques with an up-to-date, international luxury design aesthetic, so they would look just as good as at home in a boutique in Paris, Milan or New York as they are in Istanbul... Not to mention that they would be perfect on any beach or any spa in the World. Beyond simple house textile, our product had to be something that our customers cherish and keep forever.

While balancing preservation with evolution, we also wanted to create a venture that would preserve the craft and dignity of our artisans, making an impact in their lives by sourcing our products as much as possible from small family establishments. As a women’s initiative, we believe that building a business that is both socially aware and environmentally conscious is possible.

We invite you to embark on a journey into one the oldest textile traditions in the World and share our passion for the beauty and simplicity in this fascinating heritage, which is perfectly capable of cater to present-day needs.

Ece Cirakoglu Demirpence & Deniz Sezen Akgungor