NYC Rooftop Party Season Is In Full Swing!

ece cirakoglu

Posted on August 16 2017


It’s that time of the year, NYC rooftop pool party season is in full swing! You decided to go to an exclusive rooftop pool party with your friends -- one of those places where New Yorkers show the best versions of themselves. You are ready with your new bathing suits, sandals, sunglasses and your new bag. But then, you realize that your old towel is pretty boring. Yeah, you know what we’re talking about: its bland color, thick cotton and old look is so out of place that you’d be better off by staying wet all day. Well, that doesn’t need to be a problem anymore, we have your answer: A Turkish towel!

Hamamlook produces luxury Turkish Towels and it is THE beach/pool party essential of the season. Its rich heritage lies on the Turkish bath culture, the hammam. For Turks bathing was sacred, they used the best soaps and towels in order to relax and cleanse. As Hamamlook, we took this tradition and brought it today’s high fashion world using premium textile imported from Turkey. But, what is the difference between Turkish towels and regular towels? Turkish cotton makes our towels thin and light while being highly absorbent, and unlike regular towels they take up much less space; so you can actually fit everything you need along with your Turkish towel in your beach bag. Hamamlook towels are versatile, ready to be taken anywhere that summer demands.

So let’s say you brought your Turkish towel with fringe o the pool party but you want to show it off to everyone. So, how to wear your Turkish towel? Well it’s not just a towel, since it’s light, you can also wear it like a sarong and wrap it around your waist to create that perfect authentic look. All eyes will be on your towel when they realize that it is also a fashion item that you can actually wear every day. You’re not going to be the only one to see the difference between the regular, boring towels and your exclusive and fashionable towels. You are going to be stopped by others at the party asking about where to buy those Turkish towels! That’s why these extraordinary towels are among the best beach essentials out there.

long with the beach and poolside usage, you can also bring your towels to a picnic. Just spread it out on the grass and you have the perfect picnic atmosphere to enjoy with friends or family while the barbeque gets sorted out. Better yet, as you finish your picnic you can transform it into a towel go back to the beach to have a quick swim!

These best peshtemal towels are unique not only in their material but also in their diverse area of use. Once you get our luxury Turkish towels, you can use them not only in the conventional sense, you can also play with your must haves by using them both at home in your bathroom and outside as towels, picnic blankets, etc.

NYC Pool Party Hamamlook Turkish Towels

Remember to check us out at Instagram @Hamamlook to see more looks and we’ll see you on the beach with that new Turkish Towel soon!

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